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----- PORTUGUESE (Spanish and english below)-----


Titulo da obra: “Kerepakupai-merú

Pintura Original

Técnica: Pintura acrílica sobre tela

Tamanho: 100x70 cm



Para o envio:

- A pintura será enviada sem o chasis de madeira, enrolada e devidamente embalada e protegida com todos os cuidados, em um tubo especial para transportar obras de arte. A pintura vêm acompanhada de um Certificado de Autenticidade assinado pela artista. 


-------- ENGLISH -------

Tittle: “Kerepakupai-merú

(also know as "Angel Falls")

Original painting

Technique: Acrylics on canvas

Size: 100x70 cm



For shipping:

- The painting will be sent without the wooden chassis, rolled and properly packed and protected with all care, in a special tube to transport works of art. The painting is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


“Kerepakupai-merú”- Also know as "Angel Falls":

The highest (979 meters!) and most spectacular waterfall of our planet, located in indigenous Pemón people territories in the south of my amazing homeland Venezuela.


I usually don’t paint landscapes, but La Gran Sabana and its tepuis in Canaima National Park are my weakness!

I have always been and will be forever in love with this magical place, i think my favourite in the world.. Only those who have been there and had the privilige to see it with their own eyes, know what I mean. And if you haven’t done yet, please do yourself a favor and go visit it! 💚



    R$ 2.500,00Price
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